Revitalize Your Backyard With These 3 Amish-Built Features

handmade-wooden-furniture-300x210  Summer may be nearly over, but your yard shouldn’t have to suffer just because you’re not going to be out in it as much. You’re going to pass it by every time you leave for work and return, and may even host a few early evening autumn fires as the weather starts to cool down; you don’t want to be left with some rickety plastic chairs and lot of empty space. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your backyard and bring some class to your tiny slice of nature, consider adding these three Amish-built features. 

  • Traditional Pergola: These structures are ideal for bright, sunny days when you want to enjoy the sunshine without roasting in it. Providing slatted shade to make being outside just a little more bearable, custom pergolas can be designed to fit any yard or patio — and make great spots to have afternoon naps!
  • Deck/Patio Furniture: Handmade wooden furniture is as durable as it is comfortable. Going the extra mile and investing in Amish furniture isn’t just long-lasting — it’s incredibly beautiful due to the intense focus, skill, and dedication that went into its creation. Adirondack chairs are especially perfect for late night s’mores and hot dogs since their broad arms can manage whole plates of food and still have enough space for adult beverages. With handmade wooden furniture, you’re investing in an aesthetic experience that will last long beyond the coming seasons.
  • Shed: Garden sheds perform a functional purpose — the storage of your tools and various lawn care items — but that doesn’t mean they need to be an eyesore. Wooden sheds can last between 15 to 20 years, so it makes sense to invest in one that is beautiful and handcrafted. If you really want to go all out, you can include a detailed trim to add just a touch of magic and elegance to your already charming garden shed.

The backyard is an extension of the home that many people seem to forget about. You wouldn’t stand for broken windows or rundown furniture in your house, so make sure your yard gets